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  • KAIST, 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Republic of Korea

  • / +82-42-350-4336

Bus 104 Soo Tong Gol ↔ Tan Bang Station

Hanbat National University ↔ Samsung Fire Insurance Training Center ↔ Gu-Am 8 Tong ↔ National Cemetery Station ↔ Yoosung Market ↔ Jang Dae Middle School ↔ Choong Nam National University ↔Yoosung District Office ↔KAIST ↔ Daejeon Weather Forecast Center ↔National Science Museum ↔ Seo-gu Public Health Center ↔ Moo-goong-hwa apartment ↔ Han-Areum Apartment ↔ Sung-ryong Elementary School ↔ Noori apartment (back gate) ↔ Galma Station ↔ Doonsan Girls Highschool ↔ Galleria Time World ↔ Daejeon City Hall ↔ Nok-won Apartment

Bus 121 Top-lip-dong ↔ Song-Lim Maeul

Top-lip overpass ↔ The Korea Water Resources Development Corporation Training Center ↔ Daedeok Innopolis Sports Park Entrance ↔ Junmin-dong Resident Center ↔ Junmin 4-way intersection ↔ Expo Apartment ↔ MBC (Moonhwa Broadcasting Center) ↔ National Science Museum ↔ Daejeon Weather Forecast Center ↔ KAIST ↔ Yoosung District Office ↔ Choongnam National University ↔ Yoosung Hot Springs Station ↔ Yoosung intercity bus terminal station ↔ Chung Yang Won ↔ National Cemetery Center ↔ Noeun Agriculture and Fish Market ↔ Noeun Station ↔ Hagi Middle School

Bus 604 Ja-woon-dong ↔ Shin-heung-dong

Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials ↔ Daedok University ↔ Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology ↔ Observatory ↔ Korea Aerospace Research Institute ↔ Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology ↔ KAIST ↔ Daejeon Weather Forecasting Center ↔ National Science Museum ↔ Seo-gu public health center ↔ Doonsan Police Station ↔ Keun Maeul Apartment ↔ Tanbang 4-way intersection ↔ Yongmoon-dong resident center ↔ Dong Suh Ro 4-way intersection ↔ Oryong Station ↔ Han Sarang Apartment ↔ Joong-chon 4-way intersection ↔ Daejeon Yuhsang ↔ Hanbat Stadium Stadium ↔ Hyo-dong resident center ↔ The 2nd Chee Soo Gyo (bridge)

By subway from Daejeon Station (about 30 minutes) : Daejeon Station → Wolpyeong Station (KAISTStation) Shuttle bus from Wolpyeong (KAIST) Station is available

- Operating Days: Only on weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays)

Shuttle Departure Schedule from Wolpyeong (KAIST) Station to KAIST

- 08:28, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
- Boarding Location: Walk 50m from Wolpyeong Station Exit 3 → Next to bus stop

Shuttle Departure Schedule from KAIST to Wolpyeong (KAIST) Station

- 09:40, 10:40, 11:40, 12:40, 13:40, 14:40, 15:40, 16:40, 18:00(Bus work)
- Boarding Location: In front of Main Auditorium (E15)→ In front of the Information Center, next to the Education Support Building (W8)→ In front of Duck Pont (near main gate)

North Daejeon IC Estimated Time: Approximately 25 minutes

After exiting from North Daejeon IC, make a left at the three-way intersection towards Yoosung/Dadeok Innopolis → Go straight at the Hwaam four-way intersection → Make a right at the Doryong three-way intersection(in front of the Daedok Science and Cultural Center) towards City Hall and Daejeon Government Complex → Make a right at the Science Park four-way intersection toward Yoosung/KAIST → Go straight for about 700m from Goosung three-way intersection -> Arrive at KAIST main gate.

Yoosung IC Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes

After exiting Yoosung IC make a right at Yoosung IC three-way intersection → Make a right towards Choongnam National University at World Cup Stadium four-way intersection → After going straight at Goong-dong four-way intersection, merge right onto the road and avoid underpass → Make a slight left at the main entrance of Choongnam National University five-way intersection → Pass Yoosung District Office → Arrive at KAIST main gate.

Sintanjin IC Estimated Time : Approxmiately 30 minutes

After exiting Sintanjin IC make a right towards Daejeon Train Station (Daejeon Government Complex) → Make a right onto the Gapchun intercity expressway → Merge right on Gapchun intercity expressway towards Jungni-dong (Wonchon-dong) → Make a right on Gapchun intercity expressway towards City Hall → Make a left at Wonchon three-way intersection towards Expo Science Par → Go straight for about 700m from Goosung three-way intersection → Arrive at KAIST main gate.

By public transportation

-Bus : After arriving at Yoosung Kumho Express Bus Terminal, take a taxi (Total distance: 3.14km Estimated Time: approximately 10 minutes).
-Train : After arriving at Daejeon Train Station, use the subway → Get off at Wolpyeong Station → Take a Taxi (Total Distance : approximately 1.7km, Estimated Time: approximately 5 minutes).

※ You may use the free shuttle bus to KAIST, located across the street from Wolpyeong station E-mart Traders at the shuttle bus stand (Refer to the Shuttle Bus Guide for the shuttle bus schedule).